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AlloCiné interview

French website AlloCiné talked with Daniel on the set of Miracle Workers back in February 2018 in Atlanta. I did already share a quote a few days ago. They have now released their full interview.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What attracted you to Miracle Workers when you were offered this project?

I really wanted to work with Simon Rich, and hopefully for years to come. He has an incredible creative spirit and I was already very fond of his work and his news. What always scares me about television is that you often have to agree to commit to a project by only reading the pilot's script. It's something that seems completely crazy to me. The fact of not knowing in which direction could go the series would not reassure me really. But I had no doubt about Simon. I was sure he would come up with great ideas and know where to go. And that has not been denied. Besides, I know that the next season will not be held in heaven. The frame will be totally different.

In the end Miracle Workers looks like a kind of long film, and once finished it is thrown in the trash and we move to something very different in the next season. This anthological aspect really helped to dispel all my fears. I never had to say to myself "Oh I'll have to play the same character again and again for a very long time" because in reality I'm going to play a different character each season.

In this first season you play Craig, an angel who is trying to perform a miracle to convince God to give humanity one last chance. What intrigued you in this character?
The series is the adaptation of Simon Rich's novel so overall Craig is very close to what he is in the book. He may be a little more nervous and neurotic, and I think that's something that came to the writers once they knew I was going to interpret the character (laughs). And I think that in a way, what I liked was that there is a real parallel between Craig and me, we resemble at some levels. And at the same time Craig also works as a Simon avatar within the story. So it's his creation, his character, but I think a bit of both of us at Craig's place.

But beyond the character it is really the universe imagined by Simon which I liked immediately. It's a universe that reminds me of Pixar movies at times. Simon has written for Pixar, and for The Simpsons, and although I have been filming here for several weeks already, I still feel like I'm in an animated Pixar movie, which reminds me a bit of Inside Out. Beyond a great story and great characters, there is a certain complexity and mischief in this universe that push us to want to spend more time there to see how everything works. I think it's great, as a viewer, when a series is so successful, so engaging, that it makes us want to return to the heart of his universe to rub his characters.

Do we discover over the season how Craig got this job at Heaven Inc.?
I do not think it's mentioned, no. Each person inherits a random post when they arrive in heaven. And the very fact of accessing or not is also a matter of chance. At some point during the season, Eliza tries to gather the troops and says to her little friends: "Come on guys, we are in Heaven, that means we are part of what humanity has best to offer ". And someone answers him "No no, it does not work like that, it's just chance". I think that's what Simon loved to do with this series. He wanted to play with the image of heaven that people could have, and twist it. But to come back to your question, I think Craig just inherited this random work and ended up enjoying it.

How do you think the audience following you since Harry Potter will welcome this new series that seems like nothing that we have seen on TV?
We simply hope that the series will find its audience and that people will like what they see. What I find great in the series is that it takes place in a world that is incredibly creative, amazing, and fun. And I think it's very strong and it can make people want to watch. I'm not trying to compare the series to Harry Potter, but I think that's also what made Harry Potter so successful. We wanted to spend time in this universe. The fans wanted to go back and discover more each time. I think it's a bit like Miracle Workers.

Even if there is a bit of dark humor, I find that Miracle Workers is a very happy series overall, which warms the heart. What is not so widespread these days, where it seems to me that it is complicated to find a comedy that is not full of cynicism or malice. There is a lot of love in this series. Sometimes we watch a comedy and we can not help saying to ourselves "My God, I feel that the authors hate their characters", it's a little strange. But it is not the case here. Simon loves his characters deeply. Just take the example of God. He is totally crazy and Steve Buscemi embodies him childishly. But despite this not always very flattering portrait of God, we feel that writers love him very much. And I hope that will be felt. I really think people will enjoy watching the show.


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