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Bustle interview

Bustle's Kadeen talked with Daniel over the phone on Thursday morning in promotion of Beast of Burden. He told her that when people call his post-Harry Potter movies "weird" he has chosen to take it as a compliment.
"You kind of have to, because people have kept saying it," he says with a laugh. "I don’t ever particularly see them as weird at the time." And, he adds, he'd never do a movie if "weird" was the only thing that could be said about it. "Anything that feels like it’s weird for weird’s sake, I really don’t enjoy. Particularly like Horns and Swiss Army Man," he explains. "I think of those movies as being magical realism or absurd comedy stuff. I think that’s the cool thing about film. You can have a dead body that talks, and you can have a man that turns into a demon because it’s a movie. You don’t have to be true to reality. You can find weird, fantastical... ways of discussing an idea."
Beast of Burden: the unusual set up is what attracted him to the project
"I thought it would be a chance to do something cool in the process of how we made the film and how we did those things," Radcliffe says. "I’ll probably never make another film in that way."
He is looking for stories that he considers unique
"I feel like I’ve been getting really interesting scripts because people know I’m not closed off to that," Radcliffe says. "I think it’s a combination of looking for something I haven’t done before or that I think will be a risky kind of challenge in terms of how it gets made."
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