Me.Movies interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Me.Movies interview

Interview by Me.Movies in promotion of Swiss Army Man (DVD and Blu-ray release) and Imperium (theatrical release in Germany).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Me.Movies: Do you actually read the articles about you?

Daniel Radcliffe: Sometimes.

Can you remember the last one who did not have "Harry Potter"?

(laughs) No, I can not really. To be honest, I do not think that's going to happen at all. But I'm certainly not there.

So you gave up waiting for that?

I have accepted the fact that I will talk about Potter until I turn 90. And I'm glad about that. Otherwise I would not be in the position where I am. It would be annoying if I could not shoot the films that I really want to do. But I'm in a phase of my career where I'm very happy with everything and therefore like to talk about Potter.

Did you ever think about acting?
No way. I always loved being on the set.

But in the past you have often talked about how hard it is to be in the public eye. In addition, you should still have enough money on the ridge. This begs the question why you do not even take a break for five years ...

Many people seem to wonder exactly that. My answer is always: No, I've been playing since I was ten years old. No idea what my life would look like if I did not spend a certain amount of time each year on a film set. I just love the job too much to turn my back on him.

Do you have any role you want?

Hm ... (think for a while) Yeah, actually. But I am also very happy with the things that are offered to me.

Would you ever sign a contract for the duration of eight films?
No! Sometimes I was offered very interesting series roles in the USA. But a contract for seven or more years would make me feel claustrophobic.

You have just made two powerful films, "Swiss Army Man" and "Imperium". However, if you type your name in Google News, it's almost "Harry Potter" - still. Is not it sad that your new work is often overlooked?

Not really.
There are still enough people who see "Swiss Army Man" or talk about "Empire". Both films have received good reviews. They are just indie films. That they get attention is fantastic. You know, there will be no opportunities for me in life that are not due to Harry Potter. Without Potter no "Swiss Army Man", without Potter no "Empire". Just do not think about it too long. What I can control are the films I'm doing right now.

How did you come up with such a crazy project as "Swiss Army Man"?
The directors are complete newcomers.

The two directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have previously made many music videos and short films.
They are incredibly creative, talented people with a great imagination. When I read the script, I already had on page two or three.

You play a corpse there ...

And then I'm found by Hank, that suicidal guy. And then he teaches my body about life: what it means to be alive. In the end, Hank learns how valuable his own existence is.

Is it really a sad or a happy movie? The tone is usually life-affirming, then comes an incredibly depressing finale, crowned by the dirty grin of your corpse.
Of course Hank has to return to the normal world one day.
But you still know he'll get along somehow. I think it has become a happy movie about the joy of life. The depressing scenes are realistic. There is always more than joy and sorrow, in between there is always an area.

In Imperium, you play an FBI agent infiltrating a military-organized Nazi cell in the United States. Right-wing forces are also an issue in Europe - if not necessarily with such militaristic types.
After many demonstrations, we had similar reactions: "These guys do not really exist, right?"
They exist. In the US, we currently see that they are oriented towards the political mainstream. It feels like we made the movie at the right time.

Could the movie have been played in the UK?
Absolute! These nationalist movements are everywhere. At the moment, not only is there an increase in the number but also in the scope of such movements - even within the political systems.

They commute between New York and England. Are you after the nationalist jerk that occurred in the

Brexit culminated, less like in your house?

When I'm in England, I live in London. And that's a bubble in England. Full of people like me who voted against Brexit. I felt a bit stupid after the decision. I was so sure that we would stay in the EU as a country. And suddenly it became clear how far I am from most parts of the country.

They have many young fans who are allowed to vote for the first time. Could you not be a political role model?

It's too late for Brexit. But otherwise I do not want to be too involved. You will not get political advertising with me.

There are actresses who really enjoy doing that.
When an actor talks about politics in interviews, he means that his opinion is valuable. So valuable that others have to listen. That's not how I see it, I have opinions, but I do not know why you should listen to me.

And yet you are doing a political film like Imperium. Because that's the easiest way to expose Nazis?

Because I think that an actor should comment on the policy just like that.


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