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Watson interview

The website from Switzerland, Watson had 15 minutes for their interview with Daniel in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel Radcliffe, thinking of your own death, what bothers you?
The idea of lying in an open casket and everyone stare at me! Well, I will not understand, but the thought gets me done.

And the decay?
It is of course ugly, but also reassuring. I turn to the earth slowly and something new comes out. I feel directly useful.

How did you prepare to play a movie in Swiss Army Man? Did you visit a morgue or talk to doctors?
I play a very living dead. That's why I did not have to be too precise technically. The rigor mortis of course played a big role, especially when it came to speaking, but otherwise I did it all with my imagination. My main concern was to credibly play dead without acting like a zombie. But then I saw myself in the mirror with wig and make-up, I rolled my eyes and I knew: Okay, I look very, very dead, I do not have much to play anymore.

You could certainly benefit from previous film experiences. In "A Young Doctor's Notebook" and "Victor Frankenstein" which had a lot to do with human anatomy.
Certainly! And with animal! I'll never forget how I was given a big ox heart to play around at the "Frankenstein" shoot. I said: Oh, okay, great! But what prepared me best for "Swiss Army Man" is "Harry Potter". All the stunts I had to do for "Potter" translate neatly into "Swiss Army Man". I love to do stunts and everything physical, but when I do a movie like "Kill Your Darlings" about the Beat Poets of the 60s, there is not much action. I love the total use of the body.

Well, Kill Your Darlings has a gay love scene for you.

And I had to answer so many questions! I always said: people, we are actors! This is our job and we feel good, there is nothing strange or special!

Even "Swiss Army Man" is already more than a "Bromance", right?
Although: I am neither heterosexual nor gay in the movie. I'm just dead. But there's this kiss ... I'm so happy: Our movie should be in Russia soon. The Russians did not seem to notice how gay it is. I feel very subversive right now.

I do not mean the kiss, there are much more glaring scenes between you and Paul Dano. Was that never uncomfortable?

We got used to it very quickly that we have to become very intimate. The very first day, Paul had to grab my jaw and pretend to shave my teeth. We knew: Okay, we will be very, very close.

It's a movie about a kind of hereafter. You are an atheist. How does this work?
One of my favorite books is Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, a book about the infinity of faith. I am not a militant atheist. I am sure that there is no God as agnostic - but what is for sure? I also regard the hereafter in the "Swiss Army Man" not as a hereafter in a religious sense, but as a phenomenon of magical realism. We simply claim that something is true that does not exist.

They always like to make films about characters and stories that do not exist in our world, right?
Total. And it annoys me that for films like "Harry Potter" or "Horns," where horns grow for me, or "Swiss Army Man," we do not use the beautiful concept of magical realism, as in the literature. At Bulgakov. At Márquez. I read nothing better than their books. In the movie we always talk about fantasy. At the same time, magical realism is much better.

They love to invent, to assert and to surprise.

Yes! I love movies that create worlds and let you in and explore you. In the course of such a creative idea, you can even smuggle big, serious questions to the audience: for example, a far-reaching debate about shame, shame and loneliness could be conducted via the farting corpse in "Swiss Army Man". That's the beauty of filmmaking: dreams do not have to be dreams. We make it a reality.

"Swiss Army Man" is the best thing I've seen this year, a movie that surprises from the first to the last second.
Oh, thanks, thanks, thanks! I am so proud of it! The movie is so beautiful, abominable, stupid, smart, funny ...

... and tender, touching, funny and tragic.

Oh good, good, good, thank you!

What did you think when you read the script?
I just thought, man, is that good! Many people believe that they had to convince me because the story is so completely crazy. That is not true. I read a lot of screenplays, also a lot of crazy screenplays. But with this every page was like an explosion! It was unbelievably original and well written. Everything you see in the movie is written in the script.

You recently said that your favorite movie Death in Game of Thrones would be fierce. Honestly?

It was written somewhere, but what I meant was that I would like to star in an American television series, but then I would have to commit myself again for about seven years. And after the Potter years, I do not feel like it anymore. Not yet. That's why I said: A character in "Game of Thrones," who is killed on her first appearance, would be just right for me.

source: watson.ch

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