Neuen Zürcher Zeitung interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Neuen Zürcher Zeitung interview

Neuen Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) talked with Daniel in a hotel in Zurich. He is there for the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) to promote Imperium (photos below are from the premiere) and Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel Radcliffe, do you sometimes find Lord Voldemort, the epitome of evil in Harry Potter, in nightmares?
No. I hardly ever have any dreams and certainly no nightmares. But there seems to be a dark side in your soul.

Or how do you explain your inclination to roles in dark movies?

That's not so much inside of me, but rather in the scripts. The dark is simply more interesting than glittering luck. But that's one of the great things about my profession: You get a valve for dark sides in one. And that's fun.

In "Swiss Army Man", you are now constantly releasing gases as an awakened corpse. Will you ever be able to fart again without thinking of this role?

(Laughs) Hardly. After the premiere at the Sundance Festival one should have let loose a massive fart in the public toilet, whereupon the waiting party broke into enormous laughter. When the film has achieved that, its purpose is fulfilled. That makes me happy.

The plot is a mixture of Robinson Crusoe and "waiting for Godot". , ,

, , , I think this description is great. , ,

, , , would you like to play on stage in a Beckett piece?

Absolute! When I first saw "Waiting for Godot," it was like the first "Star Wars" movie: unlike anything else.

You were a child star. As a main challenge, you once mentioned - along with the subject of drugs and alcohol - the development of an identity that was not linked to fame. How does that succeed?

It takes a lot of dealing with yourself. Fortunately I'm a man of very simple amusements like hanging out with friends, watching movies, reading. And I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by great people. So I know: I can be happy without being famous. But not without my job. I love him over everything, practice him since I was nine, and know nothing else.

Four years ago you are said to have said to the Daily Mirror. , ,

, , , definitely not to them directly. , , ,

, , In any case, they were quoted as saying that they had drunk with groupies during Harry Potter's time.
No, I certainly never said that.

And that you had an alcohol problem?

That's true.

Do you regret that you publicized it?


Did you want to get rid of the image of brave Harry with the confession?

Not at all. First, I found that the smaller the gap between what I am and what people think of me, the better. Today I know: whatever information you give, it gets twisted. Second, I thought it would have to work so I could leave it behind. But then it became the main theme of the next four years in the media.

You have recently publicly criticized that in your job women are disadvantaged.

Also female roles in Hollywood are strongly influenced externally. But slowly it improves - also, as there are more directors.

Were not you also favored, as the role of Harry Potter was much more prominent than that of Hermione?
My role was more extensive, of course, but Hermione is an extraordinarily remarkable character!

How good are the chances of being seen again as Harry Potter on the screen in a possible sequel?
Maybe in thirty years, who knows. But certainly not in the near future. I've worked hard to do something completely different and do it with a lot of fun.

Who, like me, saw all eight Harry Potter films, almost believes you have accompanied them growing up. Something strange, right?
This is sweet above all else, although of course you did not see a true key moment. There was only one in which life covered a film role: I met my current partner Erin Darke in 2012 shooting "Kill Your Darlings". When we flirt on the screen in the library, that actually reflects real life.

Do you see something of Zurich these days?

There is hardly any time for that. I have to come back once, when I'm without obligations, it has to be great. And the fans here are absolutely wonderful.

There were even more on your performance at Bellevue than at Hugh Grant two days earlier. You are the star of this festival.
That is very exciting. But really: Here live the most considerate people on the planet. When we left the hotel yesterday, about fifty people were waiting. In London or America, that would go wrong without any barriers, here it ran smoothly. Never in such situations have I experienced that people are so mindful of each other and to me. I know it must be boring for you Swiss to always hear from Englishmen how polite you all are. But you are just incredibly nice!

picture source: Karin Hofer

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