Week People interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Week People interview

Interview by Week People at the Deauville American Film Festival where Daniel presented Imperium.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

You have received the Hollywood Rising Star Award, and you inaugurate your  beach locker room at the Deauville Festival, what are your feelings?
Daniel Radcliffe: At the beginning, I was not very good as an actor. The price of Hollywood Rising Star shows me that I'm on the right track! This beach locker room is amazing, And all these big names!

Which actors would be an example for you?

Daniel Radcliffe: There are many actors who have marked me. During the Harry Potter years, Gary Oldman was an example. Not only in his acting but also as a human being. He is an example for me.

With "Imperium", you turn your back on blockbusters like Harry Potter, for independent cinema. Is it because you want that?
Daniel Radcliffe: It can be very fun to make blockbusters but obviously what interests me are also more "risky" projects. I prefer to tell myself that Harry Potter was an amazing experience and I was starting from scratch. I love shooting blockbusters, but the most interesting scenarios are in independent movies

Have you managed to turn the page of the Harry Potter saga, or does it follow you all the time?
Daniel Radcliffe: No, I think in my life I've had so much luck and opportunity. Sometimes people think I'm bored of always talking about Harry Potter, but that's not true. I learned a lot during those years and I am proud to have done so. It was extraordinary. But today I make completely different choices. I do not calculate in relation to Harry Potter.

Imperium deals with a very strong, serious and dramatic subject. Why did you accept this role?
Daniel Radcliffe: What I loved was that it was a real thriller. It was very interesting to put yourself in the shoes of this FBI agent. My role and the story of the film immediately pleased me.

Would it tell you to go behind the camera, and become a director one day?

Daniel Radcliffe: Yes, that's for sure! I do not have serious plans yet to be a director, I write a little, I think about it seriously.

source: week-people.com

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