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Migros magazin interview

Interview by Migros Magazin. Now You See Me 2 will be released in cinemas in Switzerland on 1st September 2016. Daniel will present two of his movies at the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF): Imperium and Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel Radcliffe, the holiday season is just over. What do holidays look like for you?
Holidays are when I can be at home in New York or London. I just filmed in Australia and was on the beach there too. But I do not think that's relaxing - I'm so pale that I have to use sunscreen every ten minutes.

I did hear that you are an obsessed baccarat player. Do you play cards with Hollywood poker players Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire during your holidays at home?

No, a poker round would be a quick way for me to lose a lot of money. But when we came to Macau for "Now You See Me 2," Baccarat actually pulled the sleeve in a bit. But my passions are still fantasy, football and the basketball and NHL playoffs.

With the illusion thriller Now You See Me 2 you return to the world of magicians for the first time since Harry Potter. A conscious step?
Nobody will believe me now, but I thought foolishly for a second that you could have something to do with the other. The roles are very different and the magic is quite different than in "Harry Potter". Magic still fascinates me, and I find it no less interesting when I know the tricks behind it.

Your co-stars praised you for focusing your long monologue in one scene and delivering it flawlessly the first time. Did you try to impress the experienced troupe?
Being able to write your text is only part of the job! In order to memorize it, you really do not have to pat me on the back. I also always look after actors who are not allowed to move in the background. I was there when an actor totally squeezed a crewmate and embarrassed them. The actor also worked in the theater, and phones ring, or something else happens - then you have to be able to carry on. Blaming someone is miserable.

Set etiquette is very important to you?
Yes, look at Michael Caine: As an actor, one day, I want to enjoy the respect he enjoys. He enjoys his work even at the age of 80 years at four in the morning in the cold. I think if you do not have that joy, you should not be on the set. So if I'm sorry and I need a stall, I look at the long list of his life's work.

Caine plays in the movie your father. What did you hear from your own father about the usefulness of life?
Very much, which I could not reproduce now. However, I do remember a piece of advice: I was still very young when he told me to always greet my hand when I meet someone. At the time, I found it rather banal, but later I was actually thankful for that. After this rule shows enthusiasm for the other person. Often it helped me to make a better impression than usual.

They are inextricably linked to Harry Potter. Do you never feel addressed?

I keep meeting people who thank me for being part of their childhood. And honestly, I always like to hear that. It's a pretty big achievement that I'm still proud of, especially the later films. And I had fun with it too.

And you also got rich with it. Why do you spend money useless because you can?
I do not waste my money, I have no extravagant taste. Maybe I'll spend money on "guilty pleasures" like ice cream and biscuits, but that will not ruin me. I have nice apartments in New York and London, that's all. Unlike 90 percent of the male population, cars do not interest me a bit - fortunately for my wallet and for all drivers on the street.

Emma Watson is seen more often, Rupert Grint, third from the Potter trio, less. Do you still have contact with him?

I saw him last at the beginning of the year. We're both terribly bad text writers, but when I see him, we always have a good time.

You are the youngest non-king whose picture hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. what does that mean to you?
It's one of those bizarre but cool things that have happened in my life that I do not think much about. Actually, this honor should be given to someone else, you think. But so I say: Thank you!

Have you never been afraid to be reduced to the Potter role forever?

Toward the end of Potter, I was a bit worried. Especially because journalists kept asking me if I believe that my best years are behind me when I'm 20 years old. This got stuck in my head a bit. But I was determined that I would make a career in Potter. That's why, at the age of 17, between Potter's movies 5 and 6, I went from Potter to Equus, a difficult and cruel game. I played it in London and New York to signal that I wanted to broaden my horizons as an actor.

You return to the stage again today. You feel very well there?
Better than at the beginning. On "Equus" I have been preparing for 18 months, for example with voice training, so that I am also heard at the very back. The movie is different. Now I have it in mind, but the fear of forgetting my text and being helpless on stage is still there.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is currently being performed in London, a play by J.K. Rowling on Harry Potter's later years. Did you see it?
No, and I think I will not. Otherwise this evening is more about me than the play. I think it's great that Jamie Parker plays me, he's a great actor. Oops, I'm sorry, that sounded stupid now. Of course he plays Harry, not me.

You generally do not want to be recognized. Two years ago, you disguised yourself as a Spider-Man in order to be able to mix with the comic congress Comic Con undetected among the masses. How do you deal with your star status in general?
It sounds strange that you first appear normal in a Spider-Man costume, but that's why I like Halloween too: I can dress up and nobody makes a fuss about me anymore. When it comes to star status, when I was thirteen, I read the book by William Goldman, one of Hollywood's biggest screenwriters. He writes in it something like: "All stars are temporary, actors continue." I wanted to continue. I was so happy back then that I did not have to go to school anymore. I was bad, and everything the teachers complained about me got promoted in acting. I had found my home on the set and I wanted to give everything I could stay.

Compared to other young stars you do not seem to have a big problem with the media. Is the impression correct?
I was lucky enough to be able to grow up from that side without much pressure. The media even helped me out: I got the job in the romantic comedy "What If" because the director had seen me in a TV interview and thought I'd fit in for the role.

"What If" is your only romantic comedy. Do you deliberately stay away from movies that reinforce the image of the teenage swarm and sex symbol?

I'm totally ready to deal with the burden of the sex symbol (laughs). But seriously: I do what interests me. If a good romantic comedy flutters on my table, I would like to do it. But it's much harder to tell something exciting on the screen. That's why there are more films of dark shading.

At the beginning of the year, you made a splash with "Swiss Army Man" at the Sundance Film Festival. They play a farting corpse, which is used by co-star Paul Dano as a Swiss army knife for survival purposes. The people ran out of the movie, unnerved. Is this worrying you?
It would be if nobody understood the movie. But there were also people who found him very original. I did not choose the movie to shock people or start a debate. Of course you can take individual elements out and make crazy headlines out of them. But it's about so much more. You will see it when the movie comes to the cinema (expected end of October, editor's note). Anyway, I'm very happy and satisfied that I can make big Hollywood movies like "Now You See Me 2" and weird indie bands like "Swiss Army Man". I can not complain about anything.

source: migrosmagazin.ch

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