Diario Popular interview (Argentina) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Diario Popular interview (Argentina)

Website Diario Popular from Argentina had an exclusive interview with Daniel while he was in New York for the Now You See Me 2 premiere. They talked with him in a room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

One of the concepts of magic is to make another person believe something that does not exist. Did it happen to you to feel cheated in that way?
Your question is interesting. Not really, nothing in particular ... I love knowing that they are making me believe and that it is part of an act. We had many magicians in the Harry Potter film sets, so I grew up with that from a very young age. I was behind a curtain watching how magic was used. By knowing how magical acts are done, I admired them more and was fascinated by how easy the test is. It was fun.

Where is your career? Do you feel comfortable in a movie that you can associate with Harry Potter?
I felt a bit stupid, because nobody will believe that when I read the screenplay for Now You See Me (2013), I did not feel associated with Harry Potter. I explain that magic is very different from what is in Potter, and the world is very different the same as the role. I never thought about that even though I knew that they were going to criticize me about it, that is, to walk in the same territory. I did not see any danger in that particular.

But Swiss Amy Man does not have good reviews?
I chose Swiss Army Man because I knew that people were going to talk about the film. I chose it because it was an insane and ambitious and fun script so I wanted to be part of that project. In all honesty, I did not expect criticism because I do not find the film shocking.

How do you consider it?
I consider that the film is one in which the individual elements can be removed, and make fantastic and amazing headlines and that is what happened. But in the film are all those events and it is the gas emitted by the corpse and many other things. It is because all of that that I feel excited that the film is released to the whole world and that people see it. I'm satisfied with my career, which allows me to make films like that, and one of these two with supernatural themes. Both productions are balanced and I hope that both will succeed.

source: diariopopular.com.ar

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