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DJR Holland is 10 years online!

Wow, a.k.a. Daniel J Radcliffe Holland is 10 years online today! Since 18th June 2006 this is your source for news about Daniel. A lot has happened and changed through the years.

Ofcourse I would like to thank all the visitors, affiliates plus everyone else who has contributed to the website. So, Thank you! :) Also still amazed at how fast the 'likes' and follows on Social Media are coming in. On Twitter the site has over 200.000 followers! Please do "like" the Facebook page too.

Also a note I want to add here: You can't contact him via this website, I also can't forward your message to him (I still receive messages to Daniel quite frequently). 

Up to the next ten years hopefully... ;) Hope you all have a great day!

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