Blu magazine interview (DE) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


01 May 2016

Blu magazine interview (DE)

Blu magazine, based in Berlin, talked with Daniel in promotion of Victor Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein – Genie und Wahnsinn). It will be released in Germany on 12th May.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel, do you remember the first story in history which scared you?

That must have been The Witches by Roald Dahl. I was really scared. When I was eight, someone else brought the film with Anjelica Huston to school. I was even more afraid of it. When the witches came in view and the human masks were pulled off their face, I moved out of the classroom.

"Victor Frankenstein" is also a horror classic - But then different right?

That's right, our movie is not just another adaptation of Mary Shelley's well-known novel. Rather, our story itself is a kind of Frankenstein monster made up of a variety of items related to this legendary story. We borrowed body parts from different versions of Frankenstein, so to speak: a bit of a novel, a few different films, even a few elements from comedies like "Frankenstein Junior" with Gene Wilder. And it works so well, not least because even the people who have never read history have pictures of them in their minds.
Is it the impression, or do you choose serious dark roles lately?
Do you think so?
If so, then definitely not aware. I'm just looking for good scripts that I find exciting. The tone or the genre are absolutely secondary there. And frankly, "Victor Frankenstein" is one of the lighter, less bleak movies I've shot since the end of "Harry Potter." But maybe there's only something about the fact that the best stories are rarely the ones where everything is happy, beautiful and happy. It's just more fun to see a confused family than a thoroughly happy one, right? Anyway, I have to say that getting a usable script is damn hard.

Yes, it is really bad. There seems to be a trend that I recognize in many scripts: in the stories, the protagonist is written as an incredibly intelligent guy for whom the mind is the greatest strength. But then, in the last third, they suddenly turn into Jason, who fucks Bourne. For me, there is nothing more trouble because I think that every time is absolutely untrustworthy. And from the authors just lazy. Why even bother to establish someone as wiser, if in the end then only firearms violence is set? Can you really think of something else?

Also, a  Jason Bourne kind of role isn't bad to finally move away from Harry?

Actually, I have the impression that I was not in that shadow for a while. I'm happy when people connect me to the show because I'm proud of the movies. That's why it's alright that there's always someone around the corner with "Harry Potter," even though I'm on stage in the most minimalist piece by Bertold Brecht. But I have the feeling that not everyone sees me automatically as a magical student. Most likely, I'm the one who keeps thinking about Harry.

Out of desire?
Haha, no, not at all. This happens to me especially in films in which I wear glasses. Finding the right frame is actually the easiest, most uncomplicated thing in the world for actors in costume rehearsals. But I always spend ages with it because I want to make sure I get something on my nose that bears no resemblance to the glasses of Harry Potter.

You used to say that you are incredible self-critical And not really happy with your acting when it comes to the job. Better is better in your self-awareness?

Something has definitely happened. In the meantime I manage to do better than before that I like myself a lot. I'm still self-critical, which certainly makes sense. But the moments when I'm happy with my performance have become more. Which may have something to do with the fact that I now avoid watching my own films. Does not bring anyway, because if the film is in the box, I can not change anyway anyway.

Is there a film which you really enjoyed watching?

If I had to choose one, then I would most likely watch "Kill Your Darlings" again. I'm very proud of that.

While you are talking about Allen Ginsberg: In "Kill Your Darlings" you have your first sex scene. Do you remember how nerbous you were back then?

Once you have been naked on a theater stage, as I did years ago in "Equus", then everything else is somehow a breeze. But at least in the beginning I could not resist a nervous giggling. Maybe not entirely wrong, because the situation is a bit funny, if you face naked a guy who you have met only a few hours before, and then pretend for half the day, as if you would fuck. On my next movie, "The F Word", I had the same situation with a colleague I did not know - and it was still just as strange. Then laugh helps simply to loosen up the mood.


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