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17 April 2016

Yo Dona magazine: 10 questions to Daniel Radcliffe

Spanish magazine Yo Dona asked Daniel 10 questions regarding Victor Frankenstein, Harry Potter, Now You See Me 2 and upcoming Jungle for their Yo Hombre section of the magazine.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (with help from Google translate ;) )

In 'Victor Frankenstein' by Paul McGuigan you play Igor, the assistant of the doctor.

Yes. He is the scientist which rescues him from a circus and makes a new life for him. When the doctor begins to lose his mind my character does not know how to face the man who has given him everything. I really like what they are both developed the time and irreverent tone of the film.

You really did beat your time playing Harry Potter for 12 years. You had eight deliveries. Were you fed up?
Yes, there came a time where I wanted to leave and get on with other projects, but I feel very proud to have been Harry Potter.

Does being a child actor only have good things or also things you do not recommend?

There is everything, but you live the life you touch and there is no option to change that. In my case it was great. People want to believe that growing up in this world is horrible, but in the run I learned many things.

For example?

Teamwork, a sense of community and a sense of responsibility you never acquire that at school.

Is it easy to be a great actor and lead a normal life?
What is a normal life? There's existence of any tragedy there. For me, the best artists are those who can combine all aspects of human experience and take some of that.

In curiosity: in Kill Your Darlings where you play the poet Allen Ginsberg, you have a homosexual sex scene. Was it hard?
Hard? ( 'Laughs'). The hardest part was keeping myself serious, because it gave me the typical nervous giggle. But we only had one hour of shooting, so there was no time for worries. It was a new experience. The important thing is that it was good.

As a director, he fascinates ...

The Coen brothers are at the 'top'. And Christopher Nolan, who is ambitious and bright.

With so much shooting, how do you recharge your batteries?

I read a lot on airplanes. I also enjoy listening to music, rock climbing, writing and watching football lying on the couch.

You do not like Europe?

I get bored. It's not as athletic. And the English players are not always covered with glory.

But Beckham is English!
Oh, Beckham is fantastic. Transcendental for football! ( 'Laughs').

source: elmundo.es/yodona

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