Gioia magazine interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland

27 March 2016

Gioia magazine interview

Interview by Italian Gioia magazine in promotion of Victor Frankenstein (Victor - La storia segreta del Dott. Frankenstein).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What happened to your hair?
I have just finished filming Imperium, where I play an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates an American terrorist group to foil an attack. Life without Harry is going well. Great.

Do you ever miss it?
No. But I'll always be grateful. I remember those years only with joy, because they gave me some friends and the possibility of continuing to be an actor.

There are actors who are lost for a lot less.
True. In fact I am just as grateful to the people who believed in me after ten years at Hogwarts. It is not obvious.

Igor, the assistant of Dr. Frankenstein, is a fascinating and very special character.
He is a sensitive and enthusiastic man. The dedication he has towards Dr. Frankenstein is moving. Interpreting was fascinating.

He seemed comfortable with those shoes.

The only clothes that I can not wear, even if I want it, are those of a footballer because I miss too many centimeters (laughs, ed). And anyway Jani Kamine, the costume designer, dresses me since the days of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: he knows all my faults and knows how to hide them. Apart from this, the late nineteenth century fashion was fantastic, the men's clothes were beautiful, comfortable and functional, made with magnificent fabrics. Frankly, I do not think there was a period in history where men dress better.

The story of Frankenstein does not age.
It is a parable about the use of science that is still incredibly current. The most important scientific discoveries of our time can become a danger to humanity if put in the wrong hands. Think of nuclear or more trivially to social media.

In any case, it's a very different role from what Harry Potter fans are used to.

Not so much: it is not a horror and there is a strong psychological component, but overall it is an adventure film. I am convinced that those who have loved Harry will find it too pleasant.

What effect did you have the first time you saw it in the hall?

In reality the first time we were three: me, my girlfriend Erin and a friend of ours. We really liked it; now that I think about it, they could have put our review on the poster. "Really exceptional - he signed Daniel Radcliffe, the girl and a friend". It would have been fun, right?


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