D.repubblica interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


D.repubblica interview

Interview by Italian website D.repubblica in promotion of Victor Frankenstein (Victor - La storia segreta del Dott. Frankenstein).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Do the characters in the film have the same characteristics as those in the novel?
"Yes, even if those who think they know everything will be surprised, this is a story of origin in which Igor, who is not even present in the novel, experiences a great emotional and physical transformation: he acts as a" circus maniac "in a he is circus and knows Victor Frankenstein who, besides freeing him, takes care of his malformation: this was an advantage, because I did not have to play all the time with that hump so uncomfortable. "

Was it difficult to work on physicality?
"To be credible I studied with Kathryn Hunter, an extraordinary actress who made me realize for the first time how our body is a formidable narrative tool, I had never realized it up to this point, it was illuminating."

Monsters also populate the world of Harry Potter. Were you scared as a child?

"Yes, but the spiders have always frightened me more, a few days ago I found a huge one on my bed, usually I try to take them out of the house kindly, but this time I did not resist and I started taking in slippers, but I always apologized for him while I was killing him.

How did that start?
"Already at 5 years I had very clear ideas, at school I was not a brilliant student, I could not do simple things like calligraphy exercises (the actor suffers from a slight form of dyspraxia, a disorder that influences the coordination of movements), My parents were convinced that acting would help me become a bit safer than myself, so at 9 I auditioned to play David Copperfield in a BBC movie and I was captured. "

Then the Rowling saga arrived. Is it hard not to get your head repaired when you're a kid?
"I think there is a risk if you are not surrounded by the right people. My family has always been close to me and on the set, where I was always present, I became friends with the company Listening to their opinions on the arrogant and snobby actors, I I understood that it was better to keep my feet on the ground, if I did not want them to say the same things about m.

In the past, however, you experienced problems related to your fame.
"It's true, sometimes I mismanaged the pressure (between 18 and 20 years old he started drinking, coming to present himself on drunk sets. Today he's doesn't anymore, ed). But I can not complain, I was lucky enough to work in a beautiful and much loved series, it will not happen to me any more ".

In the summer, the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play will make it's London debut. Will you go see it?
"I can not wait, I am very curious to find out how the story goes, which will be set many years after the end of the novel, with Harry the father of three children, it will be strange to see someone else in one part has been mine for so long time. "

Future projects?
"I wrote the screenplay for a dark comedy, halfway between Kafka and the craziest plane in the world, I like stories set in the real world but with curious elements: my favorite book is The Master and Margarita, I just discovered Murakami and Louis de Bernières: in the future I would like to work behind the camera, it would be an opportunity to really create something ".

An actor does not create enough?
"We are not interpreters, but I love my work: it is the result of a collective effort, in which everyone does his best to create a work of art, sometimes we succeed and sometimes not, but the challenge is exciting".

source: d.repubblica.it

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