Agenda Pop interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Agenda Pop interview

Chilean Entertainment website Agenda Pop had an exclusive interview with Daniel and James McAvoy in promotion of Victor Frankenstein. They talked to them by phone.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What was it like to work together for the first time?
Daniel: It was great. It was very, very funny. James knows how to work and focus when you have to do it, and also have fun on the set.

Daniel, is it true you're a James fan?

Yes absolutely. The first week of work I could not believe it, because it's amazing when you really admire someone as an actor. At first I did not speak to him, but then I discovered that he is a great guy, very nice. He is very generous on the recording set and very talented. I felt intimidated ...

James: No, no, no. We both were very thorough in working and we did very well together. We were very lucky to meet and work together, it was very good.

You are very successful, was it difficult for you to deal with the ego?

James: Hmm, I do not think it's particularly hard for me or Daniel to deal with that, I think we're both very simple. We feel very confident about what we can do, about our work with the director ... The ego is a subject that you have to be aware of, when you let yourself be carried away by others and all that. When you are representing a character you must do well, worry about him and his story.

Some say Frankenstein's story is one of horror and not action as the movie shows, what do you think about that?
Daniel: I read the book and I do not think it's a horror story. It's diverse, it has philosophy ... for me it's not a scary story. The idea of ​​creating a zombie can be terrifying, but I think it's more disturbing and controversial than scary, right?

Daniel, do you think this Igor is the sexiest in history?

James: Uuuuuhhh, (laughs) He's in good physical condition.

Daniel: (Laughter) Yes, it's different.

What do you think about the comparisons between Victor Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr.?
Daniel: I think it happens in the same period of time and in the same country, but - although I have not seen that movie - I think they are very, very different.

James: Yes, I think it can be compared in that Sherlock Holmes works with Watson and Frankenstein with Igor, both films have partners. Also, one of them is a genius and the other is his assistant ...

Daniel: Yes, one talks about a zombie, for example. Victor has to deal with madness, insanity and obsession. They do things that will change the world forever. It is a more philosophical experience. Sherlock is more an action comedy, Frankenstein is more philosophical. The history of Frankenstein was written two hundred years ago.

Today, androids and artificial intelligence are almost a reality. What do you think about that?

Daniel: Yes, that's why the story remains valid. We are always dealing with science that can take the wrong path instead of the right one. It is a subject that will never happen, because the following year we will be debating whether or not we should allow this, how to face it, if it is right to create something with intelligence, the responsibility that implies ... these are the issues that make this story timeless.


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