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Interview with Daniel by German website Filmreporter in promotion of Kill Your Darlings (Kill Your Darlings - Junge Wilde).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

With "Horns", "Kill Your Darlings" and "The F Word" three very different films were shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. One movie is very dark, the other serious and the last is a comedy. Was the TIFF performance of the films planned or pure coincidence?
Daniel Radcliffe: There was no strategy behind it, that all three films were screening at the festival.
Sometimes that happens and I'm glad they're shown here. As you said, there are three very different films. This finally gives people the opportunity to see what different things I do.

Ricore: You could almost say that you want to do everything in your power to stop people from identifying you with "Harry Potter." Do not you miss Harry sometimes?
Radcliffe: No, not really.
It was ten years and I had a great time. I will always be proud of it. Without "Harry Potter" I would not be sitting here with you now, I'm not under any illusions about that. I miss the crew and the colleagues that I do not see often. On the other hand, I find it exciting to have evolved and done other things. I'm happy about that.

Ricore: Do you still have close contact with Emma Watson today?

Radcliffe: To be honest, I did not see Emma for a while. But I'm sure we'll meet someday. We've been together for ten years, so we're looking forward to working with other people.

Ricore: Do you think that men and women can be friends?
Radcliffe: Yes, absolutely. Zoe asked me last night if I have any friends. The answer was yes. Then ask her if I slept with them all. No! In this regard, yes, the man can be friends with a woman (laughs).

Ricore: How difficult is it for a celebrity to maintain a relationship?

Radcliffe: That's not difficult. I have always been in a relationship and never found it complicated. It is not difficult to say if someone is sincere or not.

Ricore: Would you ever be with a fan?

Radcliffe: That would be strange, not (laughs). I would feel very uncomfortable. No, that could be the wrong way, just an unpleasant thing (laughs).

Ricore: What are the criteria for successful dates?
Radcliffe: If I feel terrible on a date, it fails. When I have fun, it's good. If I feel good with the woman and laugh a lot, that's generally a good sign.

Ricore: You've seen your movies grow up. How did you personally perceive the maturing process?

Radcliffe: I will not watch the "Potter" stuff or any other movie after I finish the work. So I did not see myself growing in the movies. I had my own maturing process on and off the sets. My youth and my lessons are mine and I do not want to share them with the world. It's nice to look back and realize that you did everything. The experience makes a pride.

Ricore: Thanks for the interview.


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