TV Spielfilm interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


TV Spielfilm interview

Interview with Daniel by the German website TV Spielfilm in promotion of The F Word (The F-Word - Von wegen nur gute Freunde!).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

TV GAME FILM Since "Harry and Sally" filmmakers ask the question: Can men and women just be friends? A theme that also plays a central role in your new film "The F-Word". What do you think?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE Well, at least it's not the worst starting point for a love affair. My parents are a good example of this. They had known each other for a while before they started dating. By now they have been married for over thirty years. Conversely, there is also this: people who were in love with each other, separate and still remain good friends. Relationships are changing.

Could this be something like the message of "The F-Word"?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE No, this movie is about something else: Is it really advisable to maintain a friendship when you want a different kind of relationship and constantly have to deny your feelings?

Is it easier for you to communicate with women than with men?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE When it comes to feelings, it's definitely easier with women. I think men are still under some pressure not to be vulnerable. Especially not when they are among themselves. That's the same with my friends. When I say something that really bothers me, it's almost like: Man, dude, stop ...

Has your heart ever been broken?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE Not as Wallace does in the movie, no. I've never been cheated like that. I would even say that any kind of heartache or heartache that happened to me was mostly self-inflicted.

Director Michael Dowse puts special emphasis on "The F-Word" as it being not a romantic comedy.
What do you think?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE I have the impression that actors and filmmakers are much less concerned with genre issues than journalists. In interviews, I am often asked about it, but usually never. At least one does not think about it when turning.

When Wallace wants his peace, he climbs onto the roof. What does your retreat look like?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE There are many ways to retire in New York. Even in public. I can easily sit down on a park bench and just switch off. But the place where I really feel at home and the best way to relax is a movie set. Here I can move freely. The crew is used to seeing you, and everyone is happy if you're not a lousy actor.

Are you still often referred to Harry Potter?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE That depends. When I was playing theater in London, there was always someone waiting at the end of the stage to tell me how much the movies meant to him. There are people I will always consider Harry Potter to be, so I have no problem with that.

What then?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE Something else is when a bunch of drunks "Harry Potter!" bellowing behind me. I think then always: If you want to make fun of me, then at least give yourself a little effort. But fortunately that does not happen too often. Mostly, people just start whispering when they recognize me, which is not great. But of course there are also very nice encounters, so I will be a bit nostalgic myself.

A running gag in the film is about bacon as a means to seduce women.
How important is bacon in your life?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE (laughs) Top question! So, bacon plays a significant role in every aspect of my life. (laughs louder) Anyway you could conquer me with bacon anytime!


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