Seventeen magazine interview (US)

Seventeen magazine interview in promotion of What If. Daniel shares experience falling for his BFF and the craziest thing he's done for love—plus, whether he stays in touch with his Harry Potter castmates.

On falling for a best friend:
"One time, I actually ended up going out with that person, and for a while it was great. And then I had an occasion where a friend and I admitted that we had feelings for each other and then we were like 'this would be the worst idea ever if we went out, because we're so similar, it would just be terrible,' so we kind of decided against it and we're still really good friends, so I feel very lucky about that. I think everyone has been in a situation when you're spending a lot of time with somebody and you're like 'oh God, I think I love you'."

On whether or not guys and girls can just be friends:
"I definitely thing they can. I have plenty of female friends, and I do think there are a lot of platonic relationships out there. But when a romantic attraction comes into it, that's a different thing."

On whether you should tell your best friend if you have feelings for them:
"I would definitely have had to ask the questions or address it in some way. It's just torture otherwise, and even if you don't get the answer you want, you can kind of move on with your life and get on with it!"

On his idea of the perfect date:
"I've always been quite traditional in that respect and just have gone to a restaurant or movie, or something like that. I think a big, stupid action movie that the two of you can just laugh at and make fun of is the perfect first date."

On the craziest thing he's done for love:
"I actually did try to surprise my girlfriend by flying to New York to see her without her knowing. But the night before I flew out, we were on the phone and she had a bit of a crap day, so I basically chose to reveal the surprise early and I was like 'don't worry, I'll see you tomorrow!' So I kind of ruined my own surprise, basically. But, you know, the thought was still there!"

On the best way to approach your crush:
"Think of boys like how humans are taught to think of bears. They're more scared of you than you are of them! If you like him, go and talk to him, and if the conversation's easy and fun, then chances are he likes you, too! If you're direct with somebody and they run away, then it's not worth worrying about anyway."

On what Harry Potter would write about for his college admissions essay:
"I'd write about overcoming adversity, if it was Harry's college application. I'd overcome a great deal of adversity in my short life! I feel like Harry would have enough connections in that world to get into a good school."

On keeping in touch with his Harry Potter castmates:
"I think people expect me to be best, best friends with the cast. But what people don't know is that I was the only one on the cast that was there every single day and the crew were also there every single day, so the people I'm really closest to out of all of them are the crew."


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14 June 2011
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