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MovieZine interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Sweden's MovieZine interviewed Daniel on the UK press day for What If (See also Daniel's Google+ photo, March 2014 "Terrific day of press for The F Word in the UK") but they also talked about his other roles.

Daniel with MovieZine's Alexander Dunerfors:

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (with help from Google translate)

You have had several interesting role choices in different and challenging movies, not least "Kill Your Darlings". How does a romantic comedy place in it?
"I've never done a romantic comedy before. But I love comedies and they are probably 70 percent of everything I'm watching. So it was very, very exciting to also be able to show that side of me. It's also the first time I can play a modern character today - Harry Potter was modern, but he lived in a very special world. It was liberating to be able to relax and in a way be myself, where much of my own personality shines through.

What did you do with this script?

"It's very fun, and it's important in a comedy. There is often a risk when you make a comedy of 90 minutes, you have characters that are witty and fun, but the movies lack soul. I think our movie has a lot of heart. We make people laugh, but hopefully we can touch them too. Yes, it's a romantic comedy but it feels real too. Usually, everything goes a little too easily in such movies. Our film does not matter to the complexities and gray areas of life. My character, Wallace, falls in love with Chantry who has a boyfriend. In another romantic comedy, the boyfriend would be a tough type that the audience hates, but in our movie he is actually a nice guy. He does not like me, but otherwise he is the top, and that makes her dilemma so much harder, and much more realistic.

What has Wallace received from you?
"My sense of humor is definitely his. We had a great script to start with, but we still had to improvise a lot. It was very fun and let us release a lot of our own time and humor. At the beginning of the movie he corrects someone's pronunciation, so I do that too. I can be so disturbing, haha. But I'm also more direct than Wallace is. If something bother me then I have to deal with it immediately and do not let it bother me for months.

It's a new genre for you. You're not getting close to Hugh Grant?

- Hehe, nothing bad about Hugh Grant but I really do not want to be compared to that. Hugh Grant has made some great movies but he has also stuck in a slot where he plays romantic roles, and never really got out of it. If you make too many similar movies, you'll only get those roles. I want to have as wide a career as possible. Then take the right steps from the very beginning and show people what you are capable of.

And you have done that very well. But have you been offered other roles similar to the "Harry Potter" movies?
- There have been a lot of action-driven films. Maybe they were not bad, but it's not so interesting. As an actor, it is a strength to know what roles are wrong for, just like which roles suit you. I can easily read a script and see if there is nothing in it for me. It has also come up with some fantasy, but it will be a long time before I get into such a world again. It would be a really good script.

You have had an unusual childhood. How do you think your life had looked if a certain wizard did not appear?

- Well ... I do not know, honestly. I probably had left school,  I hated school ... I probably had fallen behind the camera instead, maybe working in production in some way. Both of my parents worked with movies, so they had probably got me a internship or so. I probably had been in the movie industry anyway, but not as an actor. I had played a part before, like in "David Copperfield", but it was mostly just fun. But then I did Potter and realized how much I loved it! And I was good at it. I have now worked with children of all ages, but there are not many children who take a film role as I did. I'm not talking about talent but about love for it. Nobody could be happier than me to get up at 5.30 in the morning and work for twelve hours. So it was a good start for me.

When you think about your ten years with this crazy big movie series, how do you look at it today?

"I am extremely proud. Not always happy with my own efforts, but I'm proud of the movies as a whole. I miss many in the gang. As I said, I'm proud of it, but I would also like to go ahead and do other things. At the same time, I am very grateful for the more movies I make, the more I realize the incredible training and preparation I received on those recordings. I made my first movie when I was nine, so I have been shooting movies for fifteen years now. I see young actors who come into a movie and ask a lot of questions. I do not want to brag at all, but I know all sorts of things because it comes instinctively to me: finding the right cursors or knowing where the camera is and where the light is sitting. I have been able to learn all aspects and I have learned all that in such fun contexts.

You have also worked with many of the great British directors and actors. What is the best acting tip you've received?

- The best advice someone has given me, came from my dad. And he said to me, "You never need to be more on a movie recording unless you feel the passion for it. If you do not love it, don't do it." I live after that. I have many friends who have to go to work because they can not afford to thank you. I can be petious with what I choose. Of course I have received many great tips from the directors I worked with, but as an overall principle, it has been important to me - to choose only jobs that I am passionate about.

What are the roles you are looking for now?

"It's hard to say until I've found them. But I'm looking for stories that are exciting for people who want to go and watch the movies. Personally, I'm looking for projects that make me grow up as an actor. All those I look up to and respect are people who can look back on their lives and say they've never stopped learning new things. So I hope it will be for me.

In view of "The Woman in Black" and upcoming "Horns" and "Victor Frankenstein", we can assume you are attrected to horror?
- Well, it's fun for all these movies fall loosely within the horror / fantasy genres but they are very different. "The Woman in Black" is excitement and horror straight off. "Horns" is a kind of revenge dread, slasherskrig and a tragic love story. All in one, at the same time it is very fun at their places. There is something I love with that movie that it can not be placed in a genre. Then we have "Victor Frankenstein", which I usually describe as an adventure movie. You can follow these two guys on a journey through science and adventure. It should be very entertaining. I liked it to be a great adventurous studio movie, but it also takes on ideas that many movies and books have raised, many thoughtful things.

But you're not in the "The Woman in Black" sequel?
- No no. It will be without me. But I wish them all the success. I did, however, in the first movie, and although people suggest that I could come back as a ghost, it would probably be to drag it too far.

Many fans, of course, want to know if there's any chance you're playing Harry Potter again. Maybe now that "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" will be a movie?
- No, it will definitely be nothing in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". It's a prequel, I think, that takes place in another era. Right now there are no such plans. I'm getting too old too, I'm not going to wear school clothes again. If she does not write something new then no.

Many movies get their reboots and remakes ...

"It's tragic, but I think they'll probably do remakes on these movies in ten years or so. I hope they will be. Certainly brand new actor. I may play Dumbledore.

Back to "What If", who first had the title "The F Word" ... What is your favorite word on F?

- Fun? It's good. I also like "frivolous", that sounds good. I did an interview the other day, giving me 20 seconds to mention as many F words as I could. But I loved that title, it's sad that they have to change. America did not like "The F Word". How is it in Sweden, the word "friend" starts with the same letter as the word "fuck"?

No, it does not.
- Then you can not keep "The F Word" because it will not be logical. But it's too bad, it captures the feeling in the movie and tells what it's all about. But the US censorship said. Well, it got hot "The F Word" but then the movie would be allowed from 15 years. So "What If" is now our wonderful title ...

What are you doing next, is Broadway calling?

- That's right,"The Cripple of Inishmaan", a play that I played in London last year. It's a really dark comedy so it's going to be interesting to see how it's going home in America. But they really like it, there are many Irish there. I love working in New York so I really look forward to it.

What do you miss most with England when you work abroad?

- Probably the quizzes on TV. There are no good quiz programs in America! "Jeopardy" can be tough, while England has really good and difficult ones. I generally miss the TV shows. But I love America. People can be quick to condemn the country. What we cynical English usually do is the enthusiasm of Americans, but I love it! I meet more enthusiastic people. I like the American attitude.

Your favorite places in London?
- My apartment, haha. National Theater was also an important place for me when I grew up. It has an artistic significance for me. And on a nice day I would like to visit any park. My favorite restaurant is The Wolseley. If you are ever in London and are craving eggs Benedict then look in there. It's the best! It can be a bit expensive but it's an absolutely wonderful restaurant.

What will your next recording be?
"I've just filmed "Victor Frankenstein" with James McAvoy, and my next movie is hopefully "Tokyo Vice". It is about an American journalist who is involved with the Japanese mafia. It's an incredible script and it can be a crazy recording. I never film in Japan so it will be interesting.

Do you ever see your old movies?
- No not at all. I can see about them after a while, it will be easier to put your finger on what you do not like. It is important to give yourself such feedback. But when I saw them a couple of times never saw more. I have not seen the "Harry Potter" movies or "The Woman in Black" or "Kill Your Darlings". if they would be on TV then I would change the channel really fast.

Daniel Radcliffe on 3 rumors:

Did you ever do audition for the role of Bilbo Baggins in "Hobbit"?

- No absolutely not. It was really not true. Who knows, I look like Elijah Wood a little bit so maybe that's why that rumor started? I was on a recording the other day where a guy in the team came to me and said we were working together on "Hooligans". I said no, we did not, and he almost got angry with me for a while. As if I tried to pretend I did not know him. Then he realized that he was thinking of Elijah Wood ... so sometimes it happens.

What do you say about the Freddie Mercuryrole?

"I heard that rumor, it was not true again. Ben Whishaw will play him now and it sounds like a fantastic choice. I would be completely wrong for Freddie Mercury. Sometimes you hear the rumors wondering where they are from. It's a good news editor and bored.

During the Harry Potter years, were there ever any thoughts on any of you leaving the film series and leaving the roles to someone else?

"I thought about it as intense after the third movie. I was worried about being typecast, wondering if it would not be better to just make three and let someone else take over. But then I thought - what should I do instead? How many really good roles are there really for 14 year olds? Not so many. So I had my doubts, but I realized how much I wanted to continue. And Emma, ​​oh my God, she went back and forth all the time until the sixth or seventh movie. She had some tough decisions to take. But I was determined after the third movie that I bet everything.


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