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DJR Holland is 8 years online!

Here's a post to let you all know that Daniel J Radcliffe Holland is 8 years online today, 18th June 2014! Years go by so fast.. I can't believe it's already 8 years later since I did start this website back in 2006. I say let's go to 10 years online! :)

With that said I would like thank all the visitors (I know there are some who have been following the website since the very first beginning, that's awesome!) and partners/affiliates for the great support through the years, and also ofcourse everyone else who has contacted me through the website. I received good feedback too, that's really great.

Good, I think that's all I wanted to add here. I now go work on news etc, so keep an eye out for that coming, and I wish everyone a good day.

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