Stuttgarter Zeitung interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Stuttgarter Zeitung interview

Exclusive interview by German Stuttgarter Zeitung in promotion of Kill Your Darlings (Kill Your Darlings - Junge Wilde).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Mr. Radcliffe, the director of "Kill Your Darlings," John Krokidas, still raves about the audition today. What surprised us a bit because we thought, after Harry Potter, you would never have to do casting again. ,,
That's why I wanted to listen to myself.
Because when you get to know something as big as Harry Potter, you can not be sure if people are interested in it for the right reasons. Many offers do not trade from me as an actor or person. That's why I wanted to do a casting myself and show John what I really can do. He should only give me the role if I can really convince him.

Sounds like you have to search very carefully which offers are justified.
As a matter of fact.
What I definitely want to avoid - both for myself and for my fans - is to play somewhere, just so someone can say he has Harry Potter in his movie. Of course, I am aware that after these successes, I have the opportunity to help a project by my name alone, to attract attention. But with every movie, I want to be sure that's not the only reason why I got involved.

What are you looking for in your roles?
There is no rule of thumb. But, of course, I have a pattern that underlies my decisions: do not repeat yourself and work with people to make you better. It also helps if I feel the passion of a director for his film.

As with Krokidas?

I agree. He has burned for the film, otherwise he would have someday certainly rolled, if once again just before the shooting began financing on the edge. When I asked him what made him persevere at such moments, his answer was: Fury! Anger that in 1944 a gay man could be killed and got away on the grounds that he had risen to a rank. Actually, "Kill Your Darlings" is not a political movie. But if he becomes political, then here. Not least because of everything that has happened in Russia in recent months, unfortunately, the unfair treatment of non-heterosexuals is again a very topical issue.

Where do you hang as a million-dollar celebrated world star, if you play a troubled young intellectuals like Ginsberg?
I honestly found parallels between him and me relatively quickly.
"Kill Your Darlings" tells about Ginsberg and the other Beat authors before they became famous. He still has to find himself as an artist and is in the process of discovering his own creativity. I am also exactly at this point. Apart from that, I found him very curious and compassionate in the script, which - hopefully - are qualities that I share with him.

At least as much as a movie about Ginsberg and his awakening creativity is "Kill Your Darlings", but also the love story of two men, right?

A Love story. It does not need the addition of "two men", that's important to me. As far as I know, there is no difference in how two men fall in love or a man and a woman. Even as an actor, it does not matter if I fall in love with a man or a woman in front of the camera. I focus on what makes my character so attractive to the other person. In that case, it was this incredibly charismatic and sincere audacity that Ginsberg did not necessarily know about himself.

The chemistry between you and Dane DeHaan, who plays your crush Lucien Carr, is indeed great, the kissing scene a highlight of the movie. How do you get the crackling in front of the camera?
What is often referred to as chemistry is simply the result of two people who are interested in each other.
Dane and I knew immediately what we should do. We like the movies and roles we're interested in and the way we work. So we were lucky because we harmonized. But of course, if you want to bring such a special relationship to the screen, you also need to share some experiences and feelings.

In "Kill Your Darlings" you also have your first gay sex scene. Are you nervous when you are filming?
As soon as you're naked on a theater stage, like me in "Equus," everything else is a breeze.
But at least I could not resist a nervous giggle. Maybe not entirely wrong, because the situation is a bit weird when you face a guy you met a few hours ago and then pretend to fuck for half the day. In my next movie, The F Word, I had the same situation with a colleague I did not know - and it was still just as strange. To ease the mood, it just helps to laugh.


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