Mexican Fan meets Daniel at Sundance - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Mexican Fan meets Daniel at Sundance

Below you find the story and pictures from a Fan (Ximenia) who travelled all the way from Mexico with her family to meet Daniel at the Sundance Film Festival.

My family and I met Daniel Radcliffe at Park City Sundance Film Festival. I found out that he was staying on the Waldorf Astoria. We went at night around 10:00 pm to the hotel's restaurant Slopes. Just as we were entering he was walking coming towards us to speak to a Sundance worker. I followed him and told him that we came all the way from Mexico to see him and asked him if we could take a picture with him.
He was really nice, and me and each of my siblings got a personal photo with him. He was such a gentleman with us, letting us hug him for the pictures, he even high fived with my 8 year old brother and kneeled when taking the picture with him. When I asked him if he could sign my book he didn't hesitate at all and kindly did it with such a humble attitude.


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