Promo photos for episode 4 of A Young Doctor's Notebook - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Promo photos for episode 4 of A Young Doctor's Notebook

A few more promotional stills were released by Sky Arts for the final episode of A Young Doctor's Notebook. A few of them were already posted before and can be found here.

In the fourth and final episode of the captivating comedy drama A Young Doctor’s Notebook, we find the conflicting “old” and “young” doctors immersed in psychological interplay between right and wrong, dreams and reality, past and future.

Now having treated hundreds upon hundreds of patients in the worst of circumstances, the young doctor seems to have hardened up. Abruptly and drily, he informs them of their situation in a manner almost as cold as the weather in blizzard-stricken Muryovo. And just when he prepares to take a break from all the yellowed faces of his daily life, he receives an urgent request to travel to Petrovka and save a severely injured girl.

But as we witness the young doctor – morphene in hand - growing colder and colder, we are propelled into the depth of his inner struggles, as his older self tries to warn him of what is to come.

“You think this is bad, this is nothing”

“Go ahead. Do it. You have as good as killed me already”

Is there a way to save himself? Don’t miss the final episode of the gripping drama
picture source: Colin Hutton

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