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Promo photos for episode 3 of A Young Doctor's Notebook

Sky Arts has released stills for episode 3 of A Young Doctor's Notebook.

The black and bloody comedy drama continues, with our young doctor now officially slightly older, yet still not entirely acquainted with the horrifying circumstances of the secluded village. As his counterpart reads out a belated birthday letter from an old classmate, now a member of the Bolsheviks, his sarcasm-brimming younger self mutters to himself…

“Extraordinary times; not for me”

“Revolution is in the air; not here it isn’t”

And as the young doctor enters a new age, he also enters a more “mature” stage in his life.

But drama knocks on the door once more, this time in the face of a beautiful, young girl and thereafter as a little boy who is desperately looking for someone to help his labour-stricken mother.

Meanwhile, illness is now becoming personal to the doctor as he suffers from a nasty pain in his appendix. As it becomes more and more unbearable, he resorts to the power of morphine, but only to be intercepted by his worried, older self, who probably knows, first-hand, the effect it will end up having on the rest of his life.

“You only think you can [handle it] because you’ve never taken it”

by Stefani Thrasyvoulou


  1. how many there is an episode of A Young Doctor's Notebook ?

  2. 4 in total ->


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