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Welt interview

Interview by German website Welt in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

 In the announcements of "The Woman in Black" was the "Ghost romantic horror cinema" the speech ...
Daniel Radcliffe: Oh my god ...

... exactly. Who goes in anticipation of a few harmless fog over Moore and pale girls in lace nightgown ...
Radcliffe: ... he'll be surprised. display

The movie is a horror movie. I sat in the cinema chair for almost the entire 95 minutes, and I only saw about a third through my fingers
Radcliffe: Great! That's how it should be!

Good. When you are physically exhausted ...

Radcliffe: ... that's great! I hope it is so. This is the great art of director James Watkins. He really used everything from the suspense movie handbook. The camera is always on the move, you always think it's someone else. The house has not only long corridors, but corridors with corners where you never know what's behind it. And the doors! They are not exactly opposite each other as in the hotel, but are offset, so you can see from the room only on a wall - who knows what lurking on the left and right? This is exactly how Stanley Kubrick designed the hotel in The Shining.

You know horror movies.
Radcliffe: Not really. But it's great to talk about something other than Harry Potter.

Why this, again very British movie? The property lacks only a few pinnacles in Hogwarts, there are strange shapes ...
Radcliffe: ... comparing the ghosts in "The Woman in Black" to the ghosts in "Harry Potter" is like comparing the house elves of "Potter" to the elves of "The Lord of the Rings". "The Woman in Black" is much darker than any Potter movie! By the way, in England he was released from twelve, that is, whoever is younger may enter into an adult companion ...

... also in Germany.
Radcliffe: And I run around and warn everyone in the interviews for watching at it as a twelve-year-old. I would not have seen it at the age of twelve. Okay, there is hardly any violence and blood - but all children die! But it's cool that viewers who grew up with Harry Potter are now the right age for the "The Woman in Black".

A very strategically thought.
Radcliffe: I did not sit at home on the sofa and thought, "Hm, what's the best for my film then?" I sat on the couch and thought, "Wow, what a cool horror shocker, I want to be there, in a 'Hammer' movie."

The legendary English production studio Hammer Films, from which the horror classics "Dracula", "The Revenge of the Pharaohs" or "Frankenstein's Curse" emerge.

Radcliffe: That's right, the Hammer House of Horror. If you want to hear the right jazz, listen to Thelonious Monk. If you want to see real horror movies, check out Hammer Horror. Authentic and old-fashioned. In The Woman in Black, we set up a haunted house with those creepy toy figures, porcelain dolls, monkeys in clown costume who hit metal rinses - just all those classics, that was wonderful. And I have always been a big fan of Peter Cushing.

... who played in Hammer productions alongside Christopher Lee in "Dracula", among others.
Radcliffe: Everyone in my class wanted to be Christopher Lee, I was interested in Cushing. How he played the quiet center around which the chaos rages - I was blown away. I took him as an example for Arthur Kipps. When I speak a line of scripts, my natural impulse is always to attack them. Here, I should let all carbonation out of a Diet Coke, as James Watkins has always said.

A bad idea for a Diet Coke addict like you.

Radcliffe: I really drink tons of the stuff. But not in Germany. Cola Light tastes different, that's too sweet for me.

How nice that the nice Daniel Radcliffe is a bit of a diva.
Radcliffe: Oh no, it's not like I let them fly in on a pallet. I'm drinking water and staying with the nice Daniel Radcliffe.

In "The Woman in Black" you do not have to do much, except to be very sad or very scared ... Radcliffe: That was one of the reasons why I chose this role: the story is more important than the main character. I found this very useful in a movie where people discuss the attitude, "Let's see what Harry Potter is doing now." Eventually they will forget about Potter and sit in their cinema seats. Arthur Kipps lost the meaning of life with his wife. He walks around uninvited, as if he were a ghost himself. I loved the challenge of not being allowed to do anything.

Unlike Harry Potter.

Radcliffe: Exactly. We were always encouraged to show everything. The worst scenes are always those in which three people talk, and everyone knows all the information. They only talk because something needs to be explained to the viewer. There was a lot in "Potter"! James Watkins is more of an attitude: if we can show something without dialogue, we show it without dialogue. Arthur Kipps is someone who has been sucked out of life. Of course, for a hyperactive person like me, such a role is very attractive.

Are you really hyperactive?

Radcliffe: Yes - not in a pathological sense, I was never diagnosed with ADHD. Where: I was never examined - so maybe I'm hyperactive in the pathological sense! Anyway, I'm glad to have found the movie business. In any other job I would just be a damned nuisance, here it is my advantage.

You were recently star guest on the comedy show "Saturday Night Live". In it you play the Yorkshire Terrier of Casey Anthony, a suspected American child murderer. In the sketch you are interviewed by Terrier Wig as a terrible dog for his life by a newscaster. The video is a hit on YouTube
Radcliffe: That was fun! The highlight of my career! But my favorite sketch is the one with the calligraphy.

In this you are a young man in a ridiculous talent show, who is allowed to present his "two greatest passions", Chinese calligraphy and Irish folk dance at the same time.
Radcliffe: That says something very true about contemporary television entertainment. We live in a world where competition is seen as a bad thing and people are no longer honest, what they are good at and what they are not. And that's why you always get enough candidates for these casting shows together. They sing terribly, do not hit a tone and the whole family stands behind it and claps and cheers. And instead of living with the truth, the whining show star makes life difficult for himself and others because, after his 15-minute success, he thinks he should have become a singer instead of a banker.

We always read that you wanted to be an actor since you were five.

Radcliffe: That's nonsense, of course. I was five went i went with my mother to a Christmas "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp". After that I wanted to become an actor. And after that astronaut, firefighter and policeman. It was only after the third "Potter" movie that I was sure that acting was what I would pursue with the necessary passion.

You said once that you like to disguise yourself as a transvestite.

Radcliffe: Whaat ?? That sounds like one of the interviews in which I talked to too many diet cakes in Devil's Kitchen. But in the movie I would like to play a drag queen. If you let me. That's why "Saturday Night Live" was so much fun: I was really funny. I realize that I have to prove myself with a few films - and still learn a lot. I want to grow with every role. Anyway, I'm going to rip my ass until everyone realizes I'm not just Harry Potter.

And besides you want to write.

Radcliffe: Right. Screenplays. But now I am in the phase where I find everything I wrote down the next day awful and throw it away.

You have already published a few poems.

Radcliffe: Yeah, in a fashion magazine when I was 16 ... I still write poetry. They are not as good as I wish, and hopefully not as bad as I fear. But I will not release them because I never know if they were printed because they are "Harry Potter's Poems". Someone would rather find someone after my death, and then they all shake their heads and shout: What a hell, that was not all!

source: welt.de

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