Schwäbischen Tagblatt interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Schwäbischen Tagblatt interview

Schwäbischen Tagblatt's interview with Daniel in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Do you still have to prove to people that you are Daniel Radcliffe and not the eternal Harry Potter?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Luckily that happens less and less. It never bothered me when people approached me in the street with Harry. However, it is very pleasant that most fans know my real name.

Was the mega hit with the magician a curse or blessing for you?

RADCLIFFE: I'm very proud of Potter, that was my teenage years and it was ten grand years for me. There is absolutely no reason for me to turn my back on Potter. But I want to show the audience that I take this profession seriously. My goal is to get better as an actor and play as different characters as possible. I do not want to rest on the "Harry Potter" strawberries for the rest of my life.

Actually, you could withdraw after paying for Harry Potter, what brings you to work? 
RADCLIFFE: My motivation is simple: I want to prove that I can do something. Money has never played a big role for me. Every ten-year old is thrilled when he gets 100 pounds. I never had any idea of ​​the amount of my fees. But of course money gives you the grandiose feeling of freedom and independence.

What roles did you actually get after your Potter films? 

RADCLIFFE: I am very glad that I am not only offered fantasy material, but very different roles, even a killer was already on offer. It's probably gotten around that I'm a pretty weird guy who can even personalize the foreign characters. I'm fortunate that I do not have to do a film, but I can choose what I like.

Is there a plan for your career? 

RADCLIFFE: Showing a good taste in film selection does not seem like a bad idea to me. With a Brad Pitt movie you can almost always be sure that he is good. Because gag does not matter to him, but there must be something interesting about the script. It's the same with George Clooney: his films can blindly be trusted in his roles because of his good taste.
On stage you appeared naked in "Equus", in a US talk show you ripped off your shirt - what moves you to so much freedom of movement?

RADCLIFFE: I would not quite talk about a trend towards nudity, after all I've made eight children's films in my career (laughs). But if the script calls for a nude scene, I have no problems getting undressed.

In this movie you play a young dad - would that be a private role for you?
RADCLIFFE: I'm not quite ready for a dad yet.
But I love children about everything. One day I want to start a family and have many, many children. By the way, my son in the movie was my goddaughter, which of course made the work a lot easier, because for a four year old, all this hype about filming is a bit confusing.
Are you a fan of horror movies?
RADCLIFFE: I like classic ghost stories.
To create tension, it does not always have to be as bloody and brutal as possible. Our great role model in the filming was "The Others", whose depressing atmosphere we wanted to imitate. As a kid I was really excited about "Dracula" with Christopher Lee. My favorite horror movie is of course "Shining" by Stanley Kubrick.

What are you afraid of in real life?
RADCLIFFE: As a kid, I was afraid of the dark.
Today I am afraid of failure and even in old age. So far, I've always been the youngest in the room, today footballers are already younger than me - that gives me something to think about.


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