B.Z. Berlin interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


B.Z. Berlin interview

B.Z. Berlin interviewed Daniel in Munich (München, Germany) in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Mr. Radcliffe, with "The Woman in Black" is your first time in Germany ...
Yes, that's why I'm so happy, even if I only had a few days in Munich, I already know that I have to come back. It's also the first time I'm touring with a movie. The schedules for "Harry Potter" were always so tight that I did not come out of England often. "Harry Potter" is done now.

What did you indulge yourself when it was over?

I just kept going and did not want to take a break. It is important for me to show the world that I do not want to rest on "Harry Potter" for the rest of my life. That's why I work as much as I can. I would not enjoy doing nothing now.

Do you suffer from being so closely associated with the magic boy?
At least it happens less often that I am approached on the street, and if so, they even know my real name. I did not mind being called Harry in the old days, and I'm still very proud of our films. In the meantime, it is important to me to be perceived as a serious actor who will hopefully play many different roles.

In "The Woman in Black" you play the father of a little boy. Are you ready for children?

Not immediately, but eventually I want to start a family and raise children. I like children and also noticed on the set of "The Woman in Black" that I developed something like a protector instinct for my movie son. Surely from my own experience, because as a child I spent a great time with film sets and treat every other child who gets this opportunity well.

The film is set in the Victorian era, when it was quite normal for young men to become fathers at their age ...

Today, that is not normal anymore. On the contrary, it stands out even if a 19-year-old just as in my circle of friends has just married and will soon have children with her same age husband. I think there was no teenager until the 1950s. As a boy, you went to school, joined the army, and then grew up.

How hard did you even get involved in a father role?

It was not so hard for me to pretend that I was much older and drowned. It was important to me that the relationship between me and my movie son really worked, so I asked if my four-year-old godchild Misha could not be invited for the role. Other guys were invited as well, but with Misha I already had a close bond, which is why this father-son relationship could be credibly played by us.

What else is there for roles?
Well, I'm glad millions of scripts with more fantasy stories do not end up with me every day. Not that I would never work for a major movie studio again, but right now I like to shoot smaller independent films like The Woman in Black. I'm lucky that I can only choose the offers that I like personally.

What was the strangest movie offering you ever got?

It was during our "Harry Potter" era when Emma, ​​Rupert and I were asked if we would take the lead roles in the remake of "The Wizard of Oz". Emma was supposed to play Dorothy, Rupert the straw doll and I the cowardly lion. What a weird idea we really had to laugh about.

Would you be naked on stage again for a role just like you did in 2007 for the play "Equus"?
Not that I would care, but if it was in the script and makes sense, I would not mind. That would never be a controversy for me.

"The Woman in Black" is a very scary movie. Have you ever experienced something spooky? 
Personally, I do not believe in ghosts, but recently something happened to me that I can not explain. I sat in my living room and wanted to get a glass of water when I suddenly saw in two children's faces without eyes. I was shocked for a moment, until I realized that it was just the US poster of "The Woman in Black".

source: bz-berlin.de

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