Cine y Comedia interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Cine y Comedia interview

Because of the release of The Woman in Black (La Mujer de Negro), Spanish website Cine y Comedia had the chance to talk to Daniel.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What is your favorite scary movie?
The glow, because it is the best example of how a director has managed to introduce the viewer in the head of a man who is going crazy

Why this radical turn with this movie?

The truth is that I am trying to make other types of documents that separate me from what I have done so far. I was very excited when I read this script, and compared to the work I did before, Equus, it was not such a radical turn. I think it's a good step, because it's another kind of film and a new image for me.

What has it been like to play father at your young age?

I cheated, I asked the director to test a child who is my godson in real life, I've known him since he was three months old. There were other older children and more actors, but the chemistry you have with a very close person can not be compared; and my godson stayed with the newspaper and then we both felt very comfortable with each other and on the screen he created a more natural relationship.

How was filming the sequence of the second night you spent at home, because there you bear all the weight of the film, and hold it very well.
Thank you very much. That's what I liked about the script, because it is a 20-page moment where there is no dialogue, where there are scares and a lot of tension, and that is very audacious on the part of the director and the scriptwriter, who will leave that responsibility to me.

Is it more difficult to make genre films?

It is often easy to make a film like this a bad job, because you can have a vague attitude because what you want is to scare people. But what worried us here were the characters, who were real, not that they were mere victims. What I learned in this session is a lot of direction, much more than the 10 years I was in the Harry Potter saga, maybe because it was a smaller and more contained film and I had many opportunities to see how the director

Is there any terrifying anecdote of the shoot to tell?

No, the scary thing is that my double and I scared each other, and one day he hid in the carriage and gave me a scare of death that I returned the next day hiding in his dressing room (Laughter).

Which person, are you more afraid of Lord Voldemort or The Woman in Black?
(Laughter) As a character, The Woman in Black because she is relentless and will never be satisfied by many deaths that are charged. Now, in real life Ralph Fiennes, he has eyes, a look, when he stepped on the plate like Lord Voldemort, the world stopped.

Both this character and Harry Potter create problems for all the people around him. Have you noticed this parallelism?
Yes (Laughter) and there are also children who are orphans in both (Laughter).

In the Harry Potter saga you have worked with almost all the great actors in England, is there one that you have not worked with yet?

Judi Dench, I find it incredible that I have not worked with her yet. Besides being an excellent actress, I have heard that as a person she is wonderful.

What are your next projects?
The first thing I'm going to do is Kill Your Darlings, that I'm going to start shooting ... (Looks at his iPhone) exactly within a month, on March 14. It is a murder in full blow generation, and I play Allen Ginsberg when I was 19 years old.

Another vintage movie?

Yes (Laughter), but this time I have advanced 40 years.

Are you interested in doing comedies?

Yeah right. I choose the scripts because they seem very good, and when a good comedy arrives, I do it. What I do not want is to make a banal or meaningless comedy

You have done theater in recent years, will you continue to combine it with the cinema?
Yes, I hope so, I hope to continue sharing both, I've been on Broadway for a year doing a play for a year, now it's time to make a little movie, and then I'm going back to the theater for a bit.

What can you tell us about the famous cameo that you say you were, or are you going to star in "Glee"?
No, I do not know how many times I have to say it, I do not know anything about "Glee", there's nothing true about that; Yes, I think it's a very good series, and I see it with my girlfriend, who loves it.

How do you live? Wherever you go there is a legion of fans waiting for you at the door.
Last night when I left El Hormiguero there were about 30 people waiting, today there seems to be less, but you never get used to it.

The Oscars are approaching, do you have a favorite?

It has been a great year. A few days ago I watched Moneyball, and I liked it a lot. The artist is wonderful, it is a very risky film, I feel that it is like Origin (Laughter), incredibly risky and that it needs the public to get involved. There have also been very good original scripts this year.

After these words, the English actor said goodbye to us with absolute English education and a strong handshake while saying: Nice to meet you.


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