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Dan talks magical powers, who he admires and more

In a new interview (France/Antilles) Dan talked about what he would do with magical powers, who he admires and more. Thanks to Radcliffe Online for the tip.

Imagine Daniel, it offers tomorrow to become a true magician, a magical humanitarian. How would you use your power?
I'd want the power that allows millions of people in Third World countries to have equal access to our drinking water ... If I were a magical humanitarian, I'd gush fountains, geysers, lakes freshwater in areas which are severely lacking. Water, that's life. Not understanding this is to take the risk of witnessing the wars in areas already highly unstable politically!

If you had the power to change something in you?
I fear death! I dread it. I know one day he will come knocking on my door. But if possible ... I want to be conspicuously absent! (Laughs) So, I would damn well be invisible. I could escape it better!

On whom you would wish a bad fate?
Do not expect me to give you names! I would not want my magic wand to turn into a whip against me! But I can tell you about the individuals who I generally don't support. I have great difficulty, for example, with people who do not fulfill their commitment. Their incorrectness, selfishness are attitudes that I dislike greatly. Apart from that, I think I'd easily throw a spell on all those who say here and there that Robert Pattinson and myself are fighting a war, thank you! That'd be really great, no matter what!

If you had to transform into an animal you would be ...
A wolf! I love the way the animal moves! It emerges from this beast a sense of power but also a kind of sweetness in her eyes. And as I am a rather chilly person, the idea of being covered with a thick fur would please me more ...

And if it were an object?
A pumpkin! Do not ask me why! This is what comes immediately to mind. I like its hard on the outside and tender inside! And it is an old and very trendy vegetable. Do you know a lot of vegetables if displaying a flashy orange?

And if you were reincarnated into a typically British subject ...
A golf club! It's a sport I love practicing. Unfortunately, I still lack precision in my swing. When I get to the green ... it's, "Take cover!"

If you were reborn in the skin of a famous person?
Bart Simpson! I know it's a cartoon! I've been a fan since forever.

If you could bring back to life a character that you admire?
John Lennon! I so wanted to know! This guy has revolutionized the music of the twentieth century. His compositions, his lyrics will still be sung in a hundred years. He was, moreover, a man of conviction. A true humanitarian for it! I think if he were still alive, he would deploy all his energy to ensure that the lyrics of Imagine became a reality! His talent, his sense of rhythm, his pronouncements are lacking today.

If you could to teleport somewhere in the world?
Bahamas. On an island cut off from everything, away from civilization. Since I'm the face of Harry Potter, I did not see the time coming. My dream is to revive certain parts of my life. I feel I have "flown" through my childhood. The pace of filming of Harry Potter is so intense that I did not see my aging. My only "mirror" ultimately, is the saga that I will be linked to over the years! Strange, no?

If you could relive a moment in your life ...
Probably the day I was given the role in Equus, a play by Peter Shaffer written in 1973. I could finally prove to those who doubted that I could play something other than a bespectacled wizard riding a magic broom!

If you were zapped through a painful moment of your existence?
Whoa! Your question is too personal ... it's me that you'll eventually zap! (Laughs)

Thanks to snitchseeker for the translation.

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