Skip magazine interview (AT) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Skip magazine interview (AT)

Austria's film magazine Skip talked with Daniel in London in promotion of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

SKIP: Six Harry Potter films are out now, two are coming. But you have already extended yourself towards other things like the film The Journey is the Destination ... 
Daniel Radcliffe: Yes, that was a fantastic experience.

... and you even acted naked in the play Equus ...

Daniel Radcliffe: Exactly, a totally sexual piece, we've arrived well in New York on Broadway.

... or your memorable gig in the comedy series Extras, where you play a young talented actor named Daniel, who completely neglects to madam every woman and does not realize how penetrating he is ...
Daniel Radcliffe: Yeah, that was very funny. Harry Potter would never act like that. In addition, our new movie is very dark, and that suits me very much, I prefer to play dark roles. But I have to say, I would like to be so ingenuous and at the same time as convinced of myself as this Daniel in extras.

But how could you be an actor without knowing yourself, without any self-reflection?

Daniel Radcliffe: Well, that's the problem. You have to know yourself and be very aware of who you are so you can slip into different roles. But would not it be great if you could go through the world completely unconsciously and unreflectingly, without caring how your own appearance affects the rest of the world? Brilliant!

You've been in acting business since childhood. Does your craft feel different today? Has it become harder or easier?
Daniel Radcliffe: Much harder. I now play completely different roles than before and my own claims are much higher. I'm satisfied with what I'm doing right now. My current projects reflect exactly where I stand and I do the best and work hard on myself, but at the same time, I am fully aware that I want to go much further.

So your dream job is hard work too?

Daniel Radcliffe: Yes. Luckily, my parents gave me a strong work discipline. I think it is very important to do every job as well as possible and the harder I work, the more I can enjoy afterwards. The good thing about acting is that the lazy actors are punished with boredom. The good actors are rewarded with a kick. And not memorizing the lyrics is the hard part, but reading between the lines and working out the thoughts of the characters.

And the fame and the gossip do not bother you?

Daniel Radcliffe: There are some very funny stories about me in the press. For example, one newspaper wrote that I grew 25 centimeters in the last two months. Maybe I've grown 25 centimeters in the last five years! Another story, which is also very funny, was that I had imported extra Belgian beer from a monastery! And the best story was that I made a statue of myself and put it in my living room! Everything is not true. But I can laugh about it. Besides, the interest of the press in me is flattering, and it does not hurt me.

 Is there any part of you that will be happy when Harry Potter is over?

Daniel Radcliffe: Yes, there is. I'm really looking forward to what awaits me, what kind of roles I will play and if I can continue my development. But then there is also a part that is afraid, because all these years, even though I have made other films in between, I have returned to this role. Also, I will not see many people I like very much, which is sad.

You seem so focused and reasonable - do you have a weakness? What about girls?

Daniel Radcliffe: I like to be surrounded by women. I have always had more female friends than male friends around me, because I understand and entertain them very well. Women were always more exciting for me. I mean, I love girls. These are such great, heavenly creatures. But I do not have a girlfriend, if you want to know that. I am also a bit of a nerd and boring girl. I am not necessarily cool. Although - I have a very good taste in music.

Daniel Radcliffe: I really like Tom Waits, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, I love Pete Doherty, I love guitar bands in particular. But not the kind like Slipknot or Limp Bizkit. I think that's very bad, cruel.

And what else? As an Englishman until you sure football fan ...

Daniel Radcliffe: I do not like football that much. I do not like the aggression that football can create in some people. On the one hand, the competition is great, but how some fans interact with each other and sometimes beat themselves,


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