Rheinische Post interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Rheinische Post interview

Interview by German Rheinische Post in promotion of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

The fans have eagerly waited for it: Finally Harry Potter falls in love on the screen and is allowed to kiss his Ginny even extensively. Was that as exciting for you as it was for the Potter fans?
Radcliffe: No, I thought it took some getting used to, to be honest. Because I've known Bonnie Wright since she was nine, and she was always Ron's little sister - so it was a bit strange. The kiss itself was not that dramatic, I've done that a few times already. I already stood naked on stage.

When did you fall in love the first time?

Radcliffe: At the age of nine. My chosen one was Lucy and was the older sister of a friend. I sent her a card for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I have a succinct, not to say ugly, handwriting. That's why she knew right away that the letter was mine.

Did Lucy hear you?

Radcliffe: Never. And I suffered immensely. My parents still laugh about the story when they found me one evening in front of Lucy's house, where I sat on the steps and sang "Tomorrow, tomorrow, the Sun will come out tomorrow". I took the matter seriously.

Do wizards have the same puberty problems as other teenagers?

Radcliffe: Yeah, everything in Harry Potter's world is pretty hormonal at the moment. I find it interesting that Harry, even though he has a crush on Ginny, is above normal teenage lust. He just knows there's a big mission waiting for him, that his fate is planning something big for him. Therefore, he is more focused on this future than his feelings. But Harry's friend Ron falls in love too. When Rupert Grind had his kissing scene, of course I was on set. I did not want to miss that! I found it bizarre because I could not imagine Rupert in this situation.

Are there any unofficial rules for movie kisses?

Radcliffe: Nobody tells you that, and it's too embarrassing to ask. First of all, it is of course essential to chew lots of peppermint chewing gum. And to stay relaxed. In principle, you do everything the same way as usual. But without tongue. (Laughs)

Has the glory made it easier for you to conquer young ladies?

Radcliffe: No, fame has less influence on this topic than work: I am very busy and often on the road. This means that you may not be able to see each other as often as you like.

Do the ladies see more Harry or more Daniel in you?
Radcliffe: I think at first they see Harry Potter. But then they realize that I am more.

Can you even go to clubs without causing a mass hysteria?

Radcliffe: I do not go to clubs anyway. I hate clubs, just because of the music that's playing there. There are also tons of paparazzi. I get to know most of the girls through the work. This has the advantage that they then have more understanding that I am very busy. Where: Actually, I get to know girls everywhere. They are everywhere.

What are your future plans: Do you want to study?

Radcliffe: No, no way. You go to the university to explore what you want to do exactly after the university. I already know what I want to do in life: to act and write. And I also get to know people from all over the world. Everything the university can offer me, I get in the film business.

Which colleagues have become friends over time?

Radcliffe: Gary Oldman. That will not change, he's just my biggest idol. If, as an actor, I ever get close to what he commands, I'm the happiest man in the world. Otherwise, there are so many incredibly nice people in the team, there's nobody with whom I do not want to stay in touch.

Do you already think of how your last Harry Potter shooting day will be?

Radcliffe: I will have mixed feelings. I love these movies, I learned everything I know about acting here. My self-confidence is thanks to Harry Potter. I have been working on these films almost every day for the past few years, my colleagues have become my family. The costume designer became my best friend, the make-up artists are mother figures - even if my mother will always be my mother. But we'll never be more together than unity, that's heartbreaking. On the other hand, I am looking forward to choosing between new projects soon.

What would you like to remember?

Radcliffe: It'll be unbearably nostalgic when I watch the movies. Maybe it will be easier if I have children myself. I really want to become a father. I think that would be cool, to look at everything with them and to say: "Look what daddy is doing!"

source: rp-online.de

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