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Archive article: Dan praised for great performance

Daniel with Peter Leone.
Radcliffe took time to meet with Olympian Show Jumping Medalist Peter Leone backstage in the final days of Equus. It was Leone’s Lionshare Farm where the cast learned to become horses, though we hope Daniel did not learn how to actually blind horses at the farm. The hauntingly poetic horses of Broadway’s Equus helped make this production effective and highly memorable. In a season packed with strong revivals, Equus merits strong consideration for the Tony awards.

Leone shared that Radcliffe told him that Broadway audiences were even more invigorating than West End houses. While he enjoyed the stage, Daniel is also quite excited to return to film as well. Broadway fans can only hope that he’ll continue building a career in both theatre and film. He certainly proved that he has the talent and discipline to excel in both venues.

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