Broadhurst Theatre ready for Equus - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Broadhurst Theatre ready for Equus

Here some photos from the Broadhurst Theatre marquee for Equus. Photos via


  1. Man!! I looked up prices online and it seems that I won't be able to go to NYC. I know I really want to but.....yeah. I'm disappointed. But at least Dan still knows that I'll always be his #1 fan.

  2. so you can't go?? :( what a pity..
    I was hoping you could go, so there would be at least one of us to to support him ....:P lol

    well true.. going or not.. that doens't change a thing.. well not to me I also can't go now :P

  3. Yeah. It's 150 bucks a ticket. That's half of what I make in a 2 week paycheck. Plus I have to pay to fly out there and pay to stay in NYC for a couple of days. I absolutely have no money to do that. I hope Dan understands. I hope you understand too. :(

  4. oh ofcourse I understand!! c'mon..
    I also can afford that! :P it costs also for me way to much money to go to NY... London was okay.. (but was also pretty expensive..)

    and im sure Dan will understand.. well I think he wil :)

  5. I JUST bought our tickets online! They were $116.50 through Telecharge. We got Orchestra seats THIRD ROW FROM THE STAGE! YEAH! We are seeing the 8pm show on 02.04.09. It looks to be the last show offered...

  6. congratulations katie! :)
    I hope you will have a great time there!


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