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There are a couple of interesting little news items on Equus to share with all of you today: The first is from the New York Post and is all about extra security measures that will apparently be enforced at the Broadhurst Theatre during the run of the play.

The second more thought provoking item is a new interview with the man who produced Equus in London, David Pugh, who had a few choice words to say on the way things are being handled in New York versus the way they were handled in London. Pugh also discussed the touring production of Equus and mentioned the play is
"Dying on its arse; we can’t give the tickets away." This is even more surprising… as in London the production was one of 2007’s most sought after tickets. Some would point to a casting change that saw Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe replaced with Alfie Allen, though Pugh has other ideas: “There’s something about the provinces, nudity and stabbing horses’ eyes out…” He says he always suspected there might be this problem with touring the production, but if so, why do it? “When we did it in town 50% of our audience were kids under 18. They went out, like I did when I first saw it at 16, and it meant something to them, so I persuaded the Arts Council to give me a grant. We’re out for 16 weeks on the road; they’ve granted me £176,000. I’m going to lose £176,000 and more besides – can you believe it? – but everybody under 26 can see the show at any performance for £10. That’s why the Arts Council should be doing it in my book."


  1. Well, isn't the article actually singing Dan's praises? He was saying that the current touring version of Equus is failing and that's the one with Alfie Allen in it. Putting Dan in it is only going to make more money. I don't think the New York version is going to have any problems selling tickets. In fact, the only problem I see am I going to get tickets? lol

  2. Really? I'm having that same problem. I have to wait til I get my money back for the fall semester. Right now, I'm kinda looking for a full time summer job and That's going to be really rough. It's finals week right now so you know how that is!! yikes.

  3. oh. good luck with searching Stacy.. :) hopefully you can see Equus.. It's a play you will never forget! (well I don't that's for sure :P)


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